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What’s your risk management plan? Six easy steps to personal information security

Every day we hear new stories about data breaches and cyber threats. Medium to large companies are starting to see information security as an essential part of their operations. While some are still taking a reactive and piecemeal approach, others are starting to understand that a comprehensive risk management program is needed. Information security threats[…]

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Feeling secure with your password protected Excel workbook? Think again.

Last week, I received a password protected Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet was used as a survey-style questionnaire. I could view but not edit the questions. I could only enter answers in some specific “response” cells. No other cells were available for editing. I could also see that some columns had been hidden. I could not unhide them.


Hard drive encryption is not optional

Our computers contain professional and personal information, some of which is sensitive. This information can include social security numbers, credit card details and sometimes even passwords. We may also store client contracts, project reports and confidential client information on our laptops. Many of us believe that this information is secure. But this is dangerously wrong. In fact,[…]