Intative is looking for partners to develop QuoteStack an online sales proposal system

Intative has been working on a prototype to build sales quotes online quickly and accurately. We have seen so many companies struggling with the quick generation of proposals in the past. QuoteStack is particularly helpful to companies with expanding and distributed workforces. If you are interested in partnering with us to develop QuoteStack, please get in contact[…]

Mission Status

Intative develops Mission Status, a web application for project management reporting

Intative has developed a web application called Mission Status. This web application allows project manager to quickly and efficiently report on the progress of their projects. The application also take a collaborative approach. All project stakeholders have a clear vision of the status of the project. Intative analysed the work processes of several project managers[…]

Staminalift new website

Intative develops a new website for Staminalift

In preparation for international launch of a new product, the new StaminaLift TS5000 Transfer System,  the Intative team recently refreshed the StaminaLift.com.au website. The StaminaLift.com.au website uses the recent web technology innovations in HTML 5 and jQuery javascripts. We also used our custom configuration of the very renowned Content Management System WordPress.

Mark Haber website

Intative Designs a One Page Website for Orthopaedic Surgeon Mark Haber

Dr Mark Haber is a leading Orthopaedic surgeon specialised in treating shoulder pain. He practices in Sydney and Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Intative wrote and designed a basic one-page website to quickly establish a web presence that was independent of practice location and branded around Dr Haber himself. To support an advertising campaign targeting GPs,[…]