Intative develops a new website for Staminalift

Staminalift-website-screenshotIn preparation for international launch of a new product, the new StaminaLift TS5000 Transfer System,  the Intative team recently refreshed the website. The website uses the recent web technology innovations in HTML 5 and jQuery javascripts. We also used our custom configuration of the very renowned Content Management System WordPress.

StaminaLift was founded in 2003 in Adelaide Australia by three entrepreneurs inspired to find a better and safer way to move heavy wheeled carts and beds in hospitals. Their efforts resulted in the development of a mechanical system to relieve the stresses of manual handling and to improve workplace safety for healthcare staff.

Since then, Staminalift has focused exclusively on the development and improvement of bed and trolley movers to create a system that is easy to use and proven to reduce, if not eliminate, healthcare workplace injuries.

You can visit the Staminalift website at

Staminalift website page example